Your Guide To Be A First Timer Continued

Being a sole trader is a good way to run your own business too, but without having a limited company of your own to manage and be responsible for.  You receive your money gross as a sole trader, and need to make sure you keep enough to one side for your end of year tax bill.  The good news is that with your sole trader, you’ll get all the inside knowledge on how to do just that.  Again, you need to make sure you’re self-employed for this option, but we can give you indicators on that too. Leave it to us.

If you’re a construction worker, you’ll know all about the Construction Industry Scheme.  The good news is that we do too.  Register with us, give us your unique tax reference number and leave the rest to your cis.

So, why choose us?  Being serious for just a minute, it’s your money, your income. Now, we don’t need to tell you how important it is that it’s kept safe and secure before it gets to you. We’ve been checked by all the right people hence the accreditations we’re singing from the rooftops about through our website. We work with the best agencies in the UK which speaks volumes about their trust in us. We provide you with an all singing, all dancing portal service to track everything, a bit like online banking. So if you can’t sleep and want to check your pay status, or read your contract (trust us, it’s better than counting sheep) you’re only ever a few clicks away.

Our expertise means it’s your choice. If you want to know more, it’s all available for you on our website, right here.  Or pick up the phone and call 0844 854 5225, we’re nice.

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