What we say

Something for everyone

Everybody is different and therefore we treat every client as an individual. We don’t try to force you to get involved in a service that ultimately won’t benefit you – we prefer to take time to understand your situation in full, so we can advise you as to what is best for you, and youonly.

Value for money

We offer you competitively priced, value-for-money services with no cheeky hidden costs or tie-in fees. If you don’t believe that we do we will give you your money back – simple!


We have invested in technology to make sure that we are both 100% efficient, and more importantly 100% accurate in all of our payments processing and customer service. Basically if it can be done, it will be done – every time!


Don’t worry though; we are not hiding behind technology. We have real people on the phone for you too.  Not only are they nice and helpful, they’re totally committed to making sure you are left 100% happy with answers to your queries,without the need to pass you around from pillar to post in the process.

The extra mile

Everything you need is already provided but we also give you what you want too.

Therefore, as well as invaluable products and services to meet your needs, we also give you added value by providing business insurance, cps financials, cps legals, discounted private healthcare and a business advisory service for all of you entrepreneurs out there as well. 

Contact us today on 0844 854 5225 for a FREE no obligation quote, and find out about how we can help you every step of the way.