your umbrella only forms part of the fantastic services that the cps group has to offer, these services are designed with just one thing in mind and that’s you!

At the cps group we’re here to make your contracting life as easy as we can.

We offer a variety of payroll services so there will be a solution for you, no matter what your contracting situation; whether you’re a first time contractor, a Construction Industry worker, a professional contractor or selfemployed.

We offer four different services at the cps group; your umbrella, your cis, your sole trader and your psc (personal service company) so let our advisors help you make the best decision for your contracting situation. Due to the variety of solutions we offer, it means that should your contracting situation change then we will no doubt have another solution that suits you.

The aim of the cps group is to offer contractors the honest and impartial advice that is rarely given out when choosing between payroll options. We have experts on each service so whether you’re a first time contractor and don’t know which way to turn or you’re an experienced contractor and know exactly how you’d like to be paid, they can give you all the support and guidance you need.

All of the solutions provided by the cps group are fully audited and are therefore available to you without the fear of the taxman coming and knocking at your door. We like to make sure our contractors are well paid, looked after and happy so we ensure there is no risk involved in any of our services.

Aside from the payroll options we provide, we ensure we go that extra mile to give you all the help you need in your personal life as well with services such as help applying for a mortgage, medical insurance and pensions.

So if you like the sound of using a company who promise to provide excellent service, give you choice and increase your take home pay, then the cps group really is the choice for you.