Customer Service Charter

We are committed to be your payroll provider by choice.  The following plan is our commitment and promises to you. The charter is based on the feedback we have had from users of other payroll providers, however as part of our commitment to you we will listen and act, so if there is anything below that you do not agree with or would like us to do differently, then please do let us know.  You have the power to mould our business so that it works for you.

We are committed to making your payroll service revolve around you

  1. Extended opening times
    • We understand that during the working day you can’t always get to a phone to contact us. For this reason we will operate a UK based call centre from 08:00 to 20:00. This will ensure that when you need us we will be there for you, 7 days a week.
  2. We aim to answer all queries within a timely manner
    • We understand that at all times you need a quick response to your query. We aim is to answer all calls within 20 seconds.
    • All electronic communication whether this by text message or Email will be responded to within 30 minutes.
  3. We aim to be your first choice with all your services
    • We aim to have a 100% service satisfaction
    • We will achieve this by listening to what you, the contractor, has to say and then acting upon this.
  4. We will ensure that the payment solution you are on is the right one for you throughout your time spent contracting
    • When you contact us for the first time we will ensure that you speak to a specialist who understands the options available to you, and explains them fully – ensuring you make the right choice.
    • We will then review your plan every 3 months to ensure that you are making the most financial benefit out of the service. If we feel that you would benefit from moving to a different service, we will proactively contact you to discuss the options, giving you all the knowledge required to make any change.
  5. We will provide a user friendly and functional website for you to access 24/7 ensuring that all the information you require is available at a touch of a button
    • We will have a live chat with you while you are on our website free of charge
  6. We will keep your personal details safe and secure at all times, these details will not be shared with anyone unless given permission from yourself.
  7. If there is a payment issue relating to the 3rd party who should be paying you funds, we will liaise with your 3rd party and have the issue resolved as quickly as possible.