Who We Are

There are dozens of providers out there wanting to offer you their services, so how do you choose which company is right for you?

With regards to who can offer the best service depending on how much money you can take home on a weekly basis, then there really isn’t much to separate one from another, so it really comes down to how you feel about a company and what factors matter most to you.

The team at your umbrella are here to give you what you want and need from an umbrella payroll solution.

So how are we going to do that?

Well, we’ve got experience in the industry (45 years between us) and we’ve seen quite a few changes in that time! We pride ourselves on the honest and plain speaking advice that we give – we don’t see the point in making payroll sound more complicated than it has to  be.

We’ll make sure that you are aware of any changes that will affect you and/or your pay, and won’t just wait until you call us asking what’s happened! In our world customer service is king – so much so that if you don’t think you are getting the best service at any time then we will not charge you, no quibble guarantee.

Our aim is to make sure that once you have chosen your umbrella, we continue to provide the service that is best suited to you  throughout your time as a contractor. By monitoring your earnings over a period of time we are able to spot if you are not maximising your take home pay and can advise on alternate solutions available to you that will rectify this. Once again this will be hassle-free for you – with minimal fuss and little paperwork.

All in all you get a compliant and accredited solution that gives you increased take home pay,  all for a fee that won’t break the bank.

So, if this sounds like your kind of company, then give your umbrella a call on 0844 854 5225 because we always like to talk to new people.