Timesheets are one of the most important parts of the payroll process: we need them to pay you!

As a reputable employer, timesheets also tell us if you are working, on holiday or off sick, allowing us to pay you the appropriate benefits

Once you have your time sheet authorised, you should then enter the hours worked each day on to our online portal. This is the important bit that tells us how much to pay you. You must still send in your authorised time sheets to your agency in the usual way so that they can manage your contract with the end client.  If you are sending your timesheet in, make sure it’s signed by your supervisor and then upload via the secure online portal, or why not use our handy Android App?

Our portal then talks to your agency, making sure that your hours and pay rate are correct before we pay you.

Your time sheet is stored on the portal system for you to view at any time alongside your contract and assignment details. These are available for you to read and print 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What else do I need to do to get paid?

The magic of your umbrella works only when you have submitted your expense claim too. Click here to find out more.