The Process

Okay, you’re ready to go ahead with your umbrella but you don’t really know where to go from here. Remember if you have not already done so you need to register online or call your umbrella on 0844 854 5225.

Once that is all complete you need to let your consultant at your recruitment agency know you would like to be paid through your umbrella. We’ll then get in contact with them and sort out all the finer details to ensure you’re paid on time.

So, now you’re completely registered, everything is in place but where do you go from here?

You get to send in your work related expenses. Yay! Simply log into the secure online portal, enter in your expenses and use the handy upload feature to send through copies of your receipts. That’s pretty much your job done.

Once the agency have sent us your timesheet, we’ll simply work out your tax, National Insurance contributions and fees, and deduct them from your wages and we’ll contribute some money to that lovely little holiday pay pot of yours. We will send the money straight to your account once we receive it, and send you a text confirming your payment – leaving you to just relax and enjoy your hard earned cash!