The Important Stuff

So, you’ve looked around the site and are ready to proceed but want to be sure about all things to do with compliance and legislation and how it affects you.

Well, with your umbrella there is no need to worry.

All of the staff here have worked in the industry for a long time and know how to smell a rat from miles away. Not every provider out there plays by the rules, and therefore they put you at risk. Here at your umbrella, we put you first at all times, because we believe in honesty and transparency in everything we do.

Every aspect of what we do is 100% compliant with HMRC, employment law, minimum wage legislation and AWR (read more on the next page).

your umbrella will provide you with an employment contract which ensures you get the full benefits of an umbrella service while still retaining your employment rights as an employed individual.

We keep an eye on all those tricky bits of legislation so you don’t need to. We are in constant contact with lawyers and audit bods to ensure that everything we do is squeaky clean at all times. The last thing that you want to end up with is a nasty tax bill because your umbrella company “forgot” to tell you something!

We are here to make your life easier without the need to put you at risk.

Trust in your umbrella, as we have your interests covered at all times. If you would like further clarification on any compliance or legislation issues feel free to look at our free stuff section or call us on 0844 854 5225.