Holiday Pay

So you’re having a few days off in the sunshine and would like to ensure you still get some money while you’re away. 

Am I entitled to holiday pay?

When you are paid through your umbrella, you benefit from accrued holiday pay. This will have been factored into your rate when your agency agreed to pay you through an umbrella service. We have taken a proportion of your hourly rate, 12.07% to be exact, and put it to one side for when you decided to take a break.

All you need to do is request your holiday pay for your week off and we’ll pay it out to you so you don’t have to worry about a week without a payment. Simply log into the online portal and request it when you want it. Don’t forget, it’s best to take holiday pay when you have no other payments so you can make the most of your weekly tax free allowance.

If you wish your hourly rate to include payment for your holiday, you will need to advise us upon registration that you wish to opt out of the accrual plan. This does mean that when you are actually on holiday you will not get paid any holiday monies, so choose wisely!

Details on how to request holiday is available in the employee handbook, click here to view.