In order to get paid you need to have a UK bank account that is able to receive direct payments.

If you’re from overseas and need help setting up a personal account then we can help you out. We have an arrangement with HSBC that you can open up an account simply with your passport – called (fairly obviously!) the HSBC passport account.

You simply need to get in contact with your local branch of HSBC and let them know you’ve spoken to the cps group and would like to open a bank account.

HSBC have a variety of different bank accounts available, all of which can be set up by going into your local branch or by visiting their website. This gives more information about the types of accounts available and how to apply for them.

If you would rather use a bank of your own choosing that is entirely up to you,  we are happy to work with any bank or building society.

Once you have your bank details, don’t forget to send them to us as soon as possible to avoid any delays in your pay. Sorry no cheques or brown envelopes here!