So you’ve heard a rumour about the AWR but you’re not sure what is it or what it means for you.

It’s a new piece of government legislation which all suppliers of temporary contractors must adhere to. your umbrella has spent time and effort researching and consulting with the powers that be to ensure we provide the most efficient and compliant solutions to this new legislation.

This piece of legislation will affect all contractors who work under your umbrella so below is an overview of the legislation.


The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) was introduced to ensure that people who work through staffing agencies have the same rights as those who are directly employed by a company. The regulations are based on an EU Directive and will come into effect on October 1st, 2011.

Agency workers will have some rights from the first day at work:

A qualification period of 12 weeks must be completed after which agency workers will gain additional rights:

your umbrella are currently discussing this legislation with our agency partners to find out the best options to take forward in each case.  The 2 models are

  1. The comparator model 
  2. The Swedish Derogation Model

Whichever model that we use with your agency will ensure that your interests are always protected.

If you are concerned about whether AWR affects you, or have any further questions, there is more information on the free stuff guide, Legislation Guide – AWR or you can call us on 0844 854 5225.