The service explained

your umbrella ensures you get the best service in the industry without charging you an arm and a leg in the process!

So what do we charge then?

Using your umbrella’s Standard service costs ONLY £5 per day up to a maximum of £25 per week*.

your umbrella provides you with the following benefits

Here at your umbrella we don’t charge you anything apart from the weekly fee, so you’ll find no hidden costs such as joining or leaving fees.

Skinny Umbrella

If you do not incur any expenses (i.e. you work close to home, you have packed lunches or you get taken to work in a company car or on a bus) but you have been told that you need to be paid by an umbrella company, there’s no need to worry.

There are hundreds of you out there who are in this position and need our help. The good news is that your umbrella is able to offer you a ‘lite’ version of our umbrella company service, called Skinny.

Most umbrella providers out there, including all of the well-known ones, do one fixed fee per week regardless of your circumstances. This often means that in comparison to working PAYE through your agency you are probably worse off because you don’t have the expenses to offset against your tax. But of course, they don’t tell you that bit!

Skinny from your umbrella works brilliantly, as we agree the right pay rates with your agency/end client, so that you we can guarantee that you are always receiving more cash in your pocket at the end of the week than you would be with standard PAYE.

Even better news is that Skinny costs only £10 per week, yet you are still enjoying the key benefits of being employed through an umbrella – full employment rights, contingent insurance – yet without having to pay higher fees for services which you don’t actually need.

However, should your circumstances change and you do start to incur expenses as part of your working day then we can easily switch you to the Standard service as detailed above whereby you can significantly increase your take home pay.

Whether you’re a first time contractor or an old hand with umbrella services, we’re here to give you exactly the level of service and support that you need. Just give us a call on 0844 854 5225 and we can help.

Or, if you like to speak to people face to face, why not drop in and have a chat.

*minimum weekly fee of £10 applies