The Extra Mile

 It would be really easy to just provide you with a simple one dimensional service and be done with it, after allthat is what most providers do – but we go much further than that.

Whichever service you choose from your umbrella, we want you to have access to the best value added products around, after all, why should you lose out on benefits that you are entitled to?

So, we’ve partnered up with some industry leading organisations to ensure that for we do always go that extra mile, and give you the best of what is available in Insurance, Financial Services, Legal Services and Private Health Services.

What more do you need?

Have a read of what we offer by clicking on the links below

cps financials Pensions, Mortgages and Investments

cps legals Employment and Family Law

cps business insurances Liability and Personal Accident Insurances

cps health Private Healthcare

As well as the above services , we have also put together some additional services that you may also find useful – please click here to find out more.