Refer a friend

We live in a fast paced and knowledge frenzied world where social networking and making new business contacts is king!

your umbrella embraces this culture and values highly the opportunity to widen our network through our existing customers. Although we know that you love us so much that you would happily recommend us without reward, we are a giving company and we just cannot help ourselves!

We are therefore delighted to offer you the opportunity to gain a completely free service. Yes you did hear us right – FREE!

How it works

Quite simply you get a discount on the fees that you pay for each referral that you send through to us. When you reach 4 referrals we will be so grateful that we won’t charge you fees on whichever service you are using for the rest of your time with us. How good is that?

1 Referral = 25% Discount
2 Referrals = 50% Discount *
3 Referrals = 75% Discount*
4 Referrals = FREE services*

You probably have friends who are contracting or even talk to the people at work at lunch, so why not make it work for you?

Working together, that’s what it’s all about. Something for us, something for you. Now who can say fairer than that?

Just give us your friend’s details (name, email address, phone number) in this box, and we’ll contact them today and talk everything through. Alternatively, if you’d like to pass our details on to them, just make sure they quote your name in their contact with us.

*Referral discounts only apply for the life time of the referred contractor.