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University graduates are struggling to find jobs in which they utilise their degree. Many are stuck in jobs with no career progression and not earning enough to start paying off their tuition fees.

The Bribery Act has made offering and receiving bribes and failure to prevent bribery illegal. It looks set to target corrupt companies who are offering clients a financial or other advantage in order to do business with them.

Teachers strike on 30th June in protest over changes to their pensions which could lead to thousands of schools being closed for the day.

HMRC has admitted there have been more miscalculations on over 5 million people paid under the PAYE system. It means 3.5 million could get a rebate but over 1.5 million will be sent demands to repay tax.

Britons no longer have the savings for which they were once renowned. Due to the increase in prices and a freeze on pay in most sectors, the British public no longer have money saved for potential redundancy or rises in living costs.

More carers are needed as the elderly and disabled are not getting the care they need. Home care has to be increased but due to the high turnover in staff in the industry this is proving difficult. 

Employers are dedicated to helping more people gain vocational qualifications, which the economy is in need of. It will provide trained employees and allow young people the skills they need to succeed in work.

Are unemployment figures really falling? The figures may say so, but here’s what the economists say.

HMRC have warned all Olympic contractors to ensure their staff are paying the correct tax and National Insurance. They are warning all workers must be registered with the right employment status and correctly file their PAYE and CIS paperwork.

There has been controversy over a new travel and expenses scheme which has been designed to get around the new regulations which were bought in in January. HMRC are currently drafting guidelines for the clarification of these rules.

The temporary jobs market in the UK has reduced to its slowest pace so far as employers are uncertain over the new Agency Workers Regulations according to Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

Vacancies for locum healthcare staff have risen despite a 48% fall in overall demand for healthcare professionals.

The Equitable Liability Concession has not been abolished by the government which means contractors and the self-employed will benefit if they can prove the true amount payable in tax is less than the amount being demanded.

It has been revealed that nine out of ten temporary contractors do not have the relevant insurances for their job, such as Personal Accident Insurance. This is especially a concern in the logistics sector where there are four times more accidents than in any other sector.

The AWR (Agency Workers Regulations) is finally going ahead but recruiters have been trying to get their all important final concerns across.

The 2011 Budget has been announced and has confirmed many tax changes and adjustments, some of which will affect contractors.

Unemployment figures are at an all time high and jobs must be created when Chancellor George Osborne releases the budget. However, there are still jobs available and unexpectedly there has been a rise in recruitment within the banking sector.,SaysRecruiter&lpos=searchresults

British tax payers who send their money offshore to avoid tax could face fines of up to 200%. HMRC have been given £900m to find tax cheats and act against those who refuse to pay.