FAQs Continued

Does your umbrella work with my agency?

your umbrella is a UK registered company with full business insurances that can work with any recruitment company.

Can I change contract with your umbrella?

Yes, just let us know the new details, either by phone, email or via your secure login area.

Do you make any loan payments?

No.  Unlike some payment schemes, no loan payments are made to contractors using our services.  If you’d like to talk to us about this in more detail, please give us a call.

Do you administer my holiday pay?

When using your umbrella, we will administer your holiday pay, and any other employment related payments.

Can I claim back my business related expenses?

Yes.  Have a look here, to find out what you can claim and how it all works.  You should always keep your receipts for business expenses.

If I want to leave your umbrella, will you charge me?

No.  There are no exit penalties with any of our services, you only pay us for what you use, when you use it

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