Frequently asked questions with your umbrella.

Some companies feel the need to give long and laborious answers. We can’t imagine why, we prefer to keep things nice and simple. If you want to read up on the technical stuff, check out the FREE STUFF section. Otherwise, we’ll keep these answers nice and simple, however, if you have any questions that we’ve not covered below then please feel free to live chat with us now.

I would like to join your umbrella so what’s next?

Thank you and congratulations. We have an easy to use online registration set-up – please click here.

Do you charge me for setting up?

We won’t make any charges that you’re not already aware of so there are no nasty surprises with us – everything that you’ll have to pay for is listed upfront for you.  You only pay for what you use, when you use it. For specific prices for each service please click this link – your umbrella.

Can I switch to your umbrella from another provider?

Yes, absolutely. All you’ll need to do is let them know. They might have you tied into a notice period, which unless they agree otherwise, you’ll have to serve.  But it’s completely your right to choose the provider of your choice.

All payroll companies are the same, right? 

Wrong. There are plenty out there who do not have your interests at heart, so make sure you do your homework. Offshore? Loans? Guaranteed percentage take home? No insurance? There’s a lot of potentially very nasty surprises out there so make sure you go for a company that gives you all the information, upfront, in a way you understand – like us!

What is an umbrella company?

An umbrella company is the employer of independent contractors providing services on various temporary assignments. This is the service your umbrella offers.

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