Know How

Here at your umbrella we are aware that the umbrella market has a lot of variety when it comes to how the service is provided. With over 40 years industry knowledge, we have seen most it and have come together to provide you with a service which is simple and effective.

We were there when composite companies were abolished and when IR35, MSC and umbrella services were introduced. That’s why the staff we hire are energetic and always up for a challenge as it would be stupid to deny the umbrella industry won’t change again. From sales, compliance, aftercare to administration, we have the knowledge and experience to deal with it all.

Many of the staff at your umbrella have previously worked in the recruitment industry and therefore know the fast-paced environment and the pressures it brings. This has given us a great understanding of the kind of payroll company consultants need, an efficient and slick machine.

We regularly consult with legal and industry experts and this along with our varied skill sets and backgrounds means we can provide a reliable and profitable relationship.

Our backgrounds have meant we have experienced, dealt with and learned a lot about the industry. This is why we have come together, to provide a payroll service which embodies our ideals and allows us to stay one step ahead. We are all excited to offer an excellent service at a reasonable price without compromising on quality.

So join us as we push on through the masses of mislead and disgruntled Contractors and support us in giving them what they deserve. Freedom. Choice. Security.