All Reward No Risk

Solvent security

Ultimately, the aim of your agency is to make money, so the last thing you want is a payroll company who are less than financially viable. If you recommend them and they go under, it could leave you with the cost of paying your contractors again, or even worse, a nasty tax bill.

Here at your umbrella we are proud to say we have no outstanding debts, are privately funded and pay all of our HMRC tax bills when they are due.


Ensure that the accreditations that the Payroll Companies are claiming to have are relative and applicable in this country. However much some providers might want to dispute it – this is not a regulated industry and that leaves it open to abuse.


You need to be wary when looking at providers to ensure there are no hidden or unclear fees and charges for the contractor which can affect their take home pay. Also, make sure the crown money that the umbrella company holds is protected so they can guarantee to meet their HMRC commitments.


At your umbrella we always put your financial and legal safety at the forefront of our minds by keeping up to date with any changes to IR35, MSC, Tax law, AWR, Anti-Money Laundering and general best practice methodologies. We regularly attend Seminars and workshops to keep at the top of our game and ahead of any changes in the market.

We make sure to be one step ahead so that none of our clients or contractors are ever put at risk.

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