Welcome to your umbrella

If you are a temporary worker or independent contractor your priority is to concentrate on earning a regular income. You certainly don’t want to get caught up with the red tape involved in the running of your own company.

An umbrella company takes care of all of the paperwork and removes the worry for you, whilst maximising the money that you take home and minimising your liabilities. your umbrella provides a service which is easy to use, compliant and reputable from only £5 per day.

This service is a great introduction for first time contractors who want to retain their employment rights, such as holiday pay and sick pay, but still have the freedom to move between contracts. We are also a breath of fresh air for seasoned contractors looking for something better because they are tired of poor service and inconsistencies in pay from their current providers!

your umbrella has 2 services available to contractors. So whether you have expenses or you don’t, get paid mega bucks or a have more modest income, you can choose from either our standard or skinny service. If you want an umbrella company who puts your needs first, talks to you when you call and explains everything in plain English, your umbrella is the one to use.

Our solutions meet the requirements of all legislation and have recently been revised to meet the new requirements of the Agency Worker’s Regulations (AWR) that came into effect on 1st October 2011.

Click here to register, or talk to one of our experts today on 0844 854 5225. Or, if you would like to drop in, we really like it when our customers come in and say ‘Hi’.

If you want to look at all the options available to you as a contractor then you can find out everything that you need by visiting our main company site – the cps group.